Club News


• We would like to remind members that our club does not run itself- if there is anything you can do to help and keep your club running smoothly and beautiful, please consider it!!

• Please remember that Broadhead tips are ONLY allowed outside on the sand pile targets! They WILL DESTROY all of our other targets!

HMB Insulated "BIG FRIG" Mugs for sale!! 20oz & 30oz sizes and several colors availabe! Contact Metzie!

•  Crossbow use at the HMB Club would be allowed to club members and non-members. The use of a crossbow would be restricted to outdoor practice butts, broadhead sandpit, and indoor movable practice bales only. Non-member shooters would be charged a $5.00 fee for each time they come out to shoot. It was stated that a crossbow shooter could also bring in and shoot their own indoor target in a designated location.