Club News


• We would like to remind members that our club does not run itself- if there is anything you can do to help and keep your club running smoothly and beautiful, please consider it!!

• Member, please sign up on the club's lawn mowing schedule!!

•MEMBERS!!! Be advised your work hours are DUE by April 30!!!

• Members are encouraged to run for office! Sign-up sheet is in the clubhouse. 

• 3-D Targets are out on the course! Trails still need to be barked and markers need to be put out. 

Outdoor League will run from April 26th through August 29th (minus the week of July 4th). Sign up sheet and rules are posted at the club.

HMB Insulated "BIG FRIG" Mugs for sale!! 20oz & 30oz sizes and several colors availabe! Contact Metzie!

•  Crossbow use at the HMB Club would be allowed to club members and non-members. The use of a crossbow would be restricted to outdoor practice butts, broadhead sandpit, and indoor movable practice bales only. Non-member shooters would be charged a $5.00 fee for each time they come out to shoot. It was stated that a crossbow shooter could also bring in and shoot their own indoor target in a designated location.

• Please remember that Broadhead tips are ONLY allowed outside on the sand pile targets! Our indoor bales were recently rebuilt, and some broadheads were found inside them. We do not know if they were left there recently or from a while back, but in order to keep our bales as nice as possible for the next several years, field points only for indoor practice! Thank you!!